BASM Coronavirus Official Update

Our students are now learning through Class Dojo.

Following the lockdown announcement in Morocco, The British Academy School Marrakech immediately shifted to online learning to accommodate the change and to allow our children to continue their education from the safety of their homes.

We wish to say a huge thank you to the teaching team who have worked extremely hard to ensure the children's learning continues at this difficult time.

The teaching team is available to help and support the parents in regard to children’s home learning tasks, during school working hours.

Our students are now learning through Class Dojo.

Class Dojo is an online learning and communication platform that brings the worlds best learning experiences into your home.  

Dojo is used by 95% of schools within the UK and the U.S. - with another 180 countries around the world following suit and has over a billion users worldwide, Dojo is the forefront online educational platform for schools and parents to utilise at this difficult time, as teachers can send direct messages to families, make announcements, and assign classwork and activities for students. 

If Zoom has become the go-to communication and engagement tool for adults since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, ClassDojo is something like Zoom for kids.

Class Dojo allows the children, especially those in Year 2 onward to make use of taking pictures or scan and upload their completed work via their Student Portfolios. This in turn allows teachers to give timely feedback for all tasks completed. The children are also joining PE with Joe For our Daily PE activities.

Our admissions team has quickly adapted to the changes

We have now moved our admission process online and all parents are invited to contact our admissions team from our main web page: 

Admissions are open for the term of  September 2020. Should you have any questions you can reach us on 

Below is a message from Head of School Mrs. MacDonald of The British Academy School Marrakech: 

How to answer children's questions about Coronavirus.

Children have 24-hour access to news and media. As a result, they may be aware of upsetting news from across the world. It can be difficult for children to discuss fears they may have. However, these fears will be very real to children. They may have questions like:

Will this happen to me?

Could this affect someone I know?

Am I in danger?

As parents, you may be asked about upsetting events in the news. You usually won't need to explore the more upsetting details. However, guidance from the Mental Health Foundation suggests it is important to be truthful and clear with the facts of what has happened. We can share the facts while keeping children away from disturbing details.

Their advice includes:

1) Letting children know the facts from the news story.

2) Letting children know that it is normal to be worried.

3) Tailoring your conversation to the age and needs of your children.

4) Finding an appropriate time to talk about it.

5) Leaving space for questions.

We can also explore ways in which people are helping, focusing on constructive news that is focused upon solutions, those whom are helping others and proactive reactions to events, which in turn will reduce fear within children.

Use the attached What Is Coronavirus? PowerPoint to help you answer questions about the coronavirus and to discuss what children have seen in the news.

The PowerPoint includes factual information about what the coronavirus is and how people are working to stop it spreading. It also includes a slide to help children explore what they can do when they are upset by the news.

If you are interested in reading further, you may find the website links below useful:

We wish you all safety and health.

Best Regards,

Mrs Alison MacDonald

Head of School

Open For Admissions

In these exceptional circumstances, we would like to inform all parents interested in registering their children with us that our Admissions Team are still able to accept and answer all enquiries/questions you may have in regard to our admissions process. 

For further information please contact us on, on WhatsApp +212 777 888 777, or Skype BASM.Admissions


Répondre aux questions des enfants sur le coronavirus

Message de Mme Alison MacDonald

 Les enfants ont accès 24h / 24 aux informations et aux médias. En conséquence, ils peuvent être au courant des nouvelles bouleversantes sur le monde entier. Cependant, il peut être difficile pour eux de partager leurs craintes. Ces craintes seront bien réelles pour eux et peuvent avoir des questions comme:

Est-ce que cela m’arrivera ?

Cela pourrait-il affecter quelqu'un que je connais ?

Suis-je en danger ?

En tant que parents, on pourrait vous demander des nouvelles sur les événements actuels. Vous n'aurez généralement pas besoin de rentrer dans les détails les plus pointus. Cependant, les conseils venant du Mental Health Foundation suggèrent qu'il est important d'être honnête et clair sur les faits. Nous pouvons partager les informations tout en éloignant les enfants des détails les plus troublants.

Leurs conseils comprennent :

1) Faire savoir aux enfants les faits tirés des informations.

2) Faire savoir aux enfants qu'il est normal de s'inquiéter.

3) Adapter votre conversation en fonction de l'âge et aux besoins de vos enfants.

4) Trouver le moment approprié pour en parler.

5) Donner aux enfants la possibilité de poser leurs questions.

Nous pouvons également se concentrer sur les nouvelles constructives axées sur les solutions, les gens s’entraidant entre eux et les réactions proactives aux événements, ce qui à son tour réduira la crainte chez les enfants.

Utilisez le document « Qu'est-ce que le coronavirus ci-joint ? » PowerPoint pour vous aider à répondre aux questions sur le coronavirus et pour discuter de ce que les enfants ont vu dans l’actualité.

Le PowerPoint comprend des informations factuelles sur ce qu'est le coronavirus et comment les gens travaillent pour empêcher sa propagation. Il comprend également une diapositive pour aider les enfants à explorer ce qu'ils peuvent faire lorsqu'ils sont bouleversés par les nouvelles.

Si vous êtes intéressé à avoir plus amples informations, vous pouvez également se connecter sur les liens du site Web ci-dessous:

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes

Dans ces circonstances exceptionnelles, nous souhaitons informer tous les parents intéressés par l'inscription de leurs enfants, que notre équipe des admissions est en mesure d'accepter et de répondre à toutes les demandes / questions que vous pourriez avoir concernant notre processus d'admission. 

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez nous contacter sur, sur WhatsApp +212 777 888 777 ou sur Skype BASM.Admissions